About Rivers


Who We Are

We take our work seriously, but ourselves – not so much! We are a bunch of fun loving, happy, energetic, genuine people that enjoy creating amazing experiences and helping others. We are all unique. We are all important. We are all a team.

Community Involvement

It’s a fact: Helping others makes you feel good. That’s why our team continues to connect with and serve our community in numerous ways throughout the year.


Team Member Testimonials

It is nice us to tell you what life is like at Rivers Casino and how much you would enjoy working here, but we think it’s more meaningful for you to hear from our team:

Marketplace-Saxbys/Banquet Server

“I’ve been working in the casino industry for 8 years. I transferred from Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh to Rivers Casino in 2014. My time at Rivers has showed me that there really is a family that you gain while working here and I would do anything and everything for them! I’ve met so many different people from working here, even famous people. Every day is a new adventure! Rivers Casino is one of the most diverse places to work and that makes me happy because I’m able to learn so many things about people I did not know before.”

Asian Table Games Dealer

“When the expansion occurred, I signed up to take part in the Dealer School Program. In the program I was in, we learned two core games, Black Jack and Baccarat. We also were taught several carnival games. I came to Rivers with no dealing experience and Rivers made it easy for me to learn the ropes of the casino industry. Everyone that I work with is very helpful and supportive of one another. Overall, the dealing school was a wonderful opportunity for it taught me the skills that I needed as a Dealer. We are all a family at Rivers! The opportunities here are endless.”

Table Games Dealer

“I’ve been working at Rivers now for almost 3 years. I started working as a Security Guard and was given the opportunity to take part in free dealing school and became a Tables Games Dealer at the end of the schooling. Rivers gave me the opportunity to learn all the games, free of charge! The school had everything set up in the class as if it were a real casino. They also have one of the best supervisors who has been in the business for 30 plus years teaching us the right “by the book” way on how to be a dealer. She prepared us for when it was time to go ‘live.” Because of the great leadership and teaching skills they provided, I am a successful Table Games dealer today. I enjoy working at Rivers and I am grateful for the many opportunities that they have to offer. “

Risk Management/Banquet Server

“While working at Rivers, I had the privilege to open the red ropes for the grand opening of the casino expansion ring in the New Year with guests, and even secure a craps table for two Philadelphia Eagles players! There are many opportunities for growth at Rivers Casino. When first hired at Rivers Casino, I worked as a Security Guard and then was promoted to working in the Risk Management Department. I have been working in Risk management for a year and absolutely love it! I enjoy meeting new people every day, solving problems, and making people feel safe in the workplace. I go home at night knowing I may not have changed the world, but I did at least make someone else’s day brighter at Rivers! There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals all revolving around helping the team members and guest which makes me love my job here at Rivers! “

F&B – Sous Chef of Marketplace

“When applying for jobs I was looking for a job with a decent pay rate but most importantly great benefits. After researching and asking around, I came across Rivers Casino. I have only worked for smaller companies before. This is my first experience in the casino industry and it has been great so far! When I first was hired at Rivers, I was hired as a Cook 2 and within a few months, I started learning new things and was able to grow quickly with the company. I really have to thank my team and leaders for they provided me with everything I needed to grow within the casino. Shortly after applying myself and with the help and support of my surrounding leaders, I was promoted to Sous Chef of the Marketplace. I have been in this position for over a year now and still wake up every day with a smile on my face wanting to come to work not only to perform my job but to see my second family. The sky is the limit at Rivers so I hope you like to fly.”

F&B – Cook III Trainer

“I’ve been working at the Rivers since day one. I really enjoy working here! I come from the banking industry and did not know anything about cooking. Rivers is such a great place to work with such great opportunities. I’ve had the opportunity to be a bartender and I also work with HR as a HR Ambassador. I have cooked for so many parties and have met so many famous people at New Year’s Eve parties. Rivers is one big family up in here. Our open door policy makes it easy to discuss any issue big or small that you might have going on .We also know how to have FUN. I could go on and on about the Rivers, but surveys don’t lie we’ve been voted Best Place To Work how many times now?!”